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The Future of Submarine Games

dice alphabet

dice alphabet

In the past six months, the demise of sims has been pronounced in abundance. Print magazines and webzines have canceled sim will be informed of the ledge to the left and right Jane’s A-10: Cancelled. Wolf Pack II: Cancelled. Silent Steel II: MIA. M1Tank Pack 3: Cancelled. Fighting Steel Deluxe: Canceled. Attack Squadron Jane MIA. Thunder Over Europe: MIA. The list is long.

We all know this is a downward cycle of sims and we believe there is hope that in a few years to change things and Sims Hot things to be back. Hey, remember that in 1973, when EPA and OPEC throttled the life out of the muscle car scene. I had a 1970 Cobra Torino that had 450 horsepower and ran fourth in the high 13s. In less than three years, all cars in Detroit contamination controlled gas slug stored. They have even started, they were so ugly, little by little! It broke my heart.

But something changed over time. Now you can have a high performance machine that manages and offers amenities such as front / rear AC. My ’99 Riviera has a supercharged V-6 engine, which my old Torino would be proud.

So keep the faith. Things will improve, but nobody knows when. Silent Hunter II and Destroyer Command are signs of life. Harpoon 4 is still in development. There is excitement in the Sonalysts camp.

When there is a new Subsim hit the coast, try to remember that developers and game producers are our friends. They are the kind of games we like, because they like too. Why should work tables thickness of the armor, the physical model of the ship and torpedo trajectory of a niche market? I know some developers and all fans of the genre.

Try to keep your criticism balanced. If you have any problems SIM-spawn or have had with all the invective and animosity usually reserved for someone who would steal your car or your toothbrush? I was a manufacturer that executives often told hard core questions about the negative comments in the forums. The industry sees us as demanding, thankless and impossible to fulfill. It is much easier and more lucrative Hunter, deer and Barbie games and their users rarely flame the game company to a crank crisp.

I work with a CPA accountant who likes computer games and is very good for them. He can play a mean age of empires warrior. I tried to get them interested in Jane’s 688 (I) for multiplayer. He glanced at the heavy physical and waved. It was supposed to play all the material for the competition to learn. The blessing and the curse of a good sim is its complexity. Want to order a fleet of war or of TMA in a class submarine Los Angeles? You must acquire skills and education. And this restricts the popularity of the SIM card. Mass-market games generally do not have the steep learning curve is a SIM card. Although we are so excited about hardcore SIM players in the minutiae of seven different stations and all their controls, casual gamers spend the SIM card in a ratio of 20 to 1 The Sims is really a niche market.

Niche market games have limited budgets. This means that a small number of programmers and artists must concentrate on the essentials. Do not expect everything you see and imagine in a SIM card. You may want a complete equipment Subsim movement and other fun stuff - oh, yes, I’m with you. But as one producer said, “We have no money to design and integrate these features into the product I wish I could too ..”

We find the status of Silent Hunter II soon. Either Mattel Interactive is to sign someone to fill this out or otherwise preserved. I went through the “plan to do that” stage with the ice of the famous Jane Add-On for 688 (I), Akula Studies Crusaders’: Red Hunter, Silent Steel 2, and interoperability between Jane and Fleet Command 688 (I). I’m not here to judge, just to clarify that when the momentum dies, so does the target. For some reason, the champion of the products made from behind the rim in any way to get started. To get a better idea to get the whole process, read the analysis of my friend John Sponauer of life and death of a sim, M1 Tank Platoon 2, from early development as an improvement on the previous in the coming weeks .

Despite my previous experiences with other companies in the sim, I am optimistic that Carl Norman and Rick Martinez, what they say and SSI will continue to raise the banner of the Digital Combat Series while logic Microproses Nova and Jane fall to around how unfortunate tin soldiers. This is not to say SH2 is a fact - that the time will come when you have the cash on hand. We hope that the next Subsim rumor that our best hope for submarine warfare technologies. All we can do is stay positive, supportive, and if this is correct, you can buy four copies when you leave.