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Poker Tournament - Blind Stealing Strategy

Hand with bundle of money and keys

Poker tournaments are often not epic battles between the two best hands in the later rounds, if you choose. Confrontations are usually 60/40 or more, which ultimately determines the results.

With 10 times the big blind or less, you have a choice. You can increase the minimum to fly by hand, but I think it is low. On the one hand, to invite people to come to the top of the hands of many, if you fly often in this way. If you are the type of a raise with the hands of their superiors and then being put in danger by the people who benefit from the price offered and dismantled a failure of the blinds.

Any collection of big blinds and a 10 x blind big stack usually means that you can extend to steal the blinds with a rate of less, but also less likely to do so. It also provides an opportunity for you to dominate your opponents on the flop you will not miss more. Frankly, I do not lift a minimum, because I always seem to put in difficult situations. I know it’s not hard necessarily bad, but prefer to avoid those places.

So if you do not give rise to a minimum, shall be 2.5 to 3 times the big blind raise with 10 times the big blind stack. Now the problem is here. You need 2.5 to 3 x BB raise with every hand, right? When is increased from 2.5 to 3 x BB, if you fly, and do things differently when you have a good hand, then I think we can confirm that it is pointless. You need to keep your opponent off balance.

When increasing from 2.5 to 3 x BB with a hand stolen and someone goes on top of the stack, is 7.1 hours twist, about 2:01 probabilities. Most hands fly, on average, worth the price.

The conclusion is that if you steal enough with the 10 x BB rule, you’ll have a better success rate than any other method. More often than enough business to grow your stack, or at least maintain, where. When you call, will not always be by aces or kings, and there is often a coin flip situation is. Carry BB better than 3 x times and then re-raise.

The issue becomes much clearer with 8 x BB. It was while you and flexion. I guess 10 x BB is an arbitrary set, and I agree that perhaps a better score is 9.5. I really do not think it will increase in less than an all-in and folding a + EV train more like the accumulation of all to begin.

Now we have this “rule”. The real trick is deciding what to grow, and do not push. If 11xBB can afford to let marginal hands as K8S CO, but if I had 6 nights, this time would be a crime. So, of course, you lose your stack relative to the blinds, you get more desperate.

While the 11-14xBB you can afford, with marginal hands instead of opening for 3xBB) and 10xBB eight times more desperate, and 6-8xBB more desperate, etc.

At 5.6 x BB, should be more desperate. What exactly this range of hands is, depends. But above all this must be the height of release. Why? Due to its fold equity, but not for long. If the blinds increase, or if you are blind, or when both occur, you are sure to lose most of his fold equity, and you have no chance to survive and build a stack without showdown. If you have less than, say, 1.5 3xBB, your fold equity is nearly gone. They must be desperate, because you are not able to bend with every hand in the garbage. So, now to be quite selective, and worse, just go down with two random from the big blind.