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Building Your Bankroll

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The first thing to do before even thinking about it, you must have an initial bet is: Set your bankroll before the season starts. You need to know how much money to boot. To clarify what a bankroll is the amount you have saved, make breakfast and so on, and can afford to lose and have no influence on eating your sleep, live, etc. ..

Then you need to get a base amount or a percentage of their funds, which are set to bet on each game. That is, will the same amount for every game throughout the year. Now you may think, if you have a safe bet that you should not go?

Remember, no matter how much you say you have a “lock” or safe bet that there is no such thing! We strive for 100% every time, but probably will not happen. If it were true that we could get 100% correct, we would all be millionaires. You with the quota for one thing: that through the long season. If you set a fixed amount for the season and then a clip of 60%, which was a very good chance to double your money!

I do not know who does not care to double your money in just a few months. The last thing to remember when to bet an amount basis to ensure that the amount is an amount you are comfortable with it. There will be times a week is not be good for you, then by the construction of a steady light, it will not be so bad if the place this week.

Finally, do not catch up! If you bet a fixed amount and in a slump, do not try to catch up, because eventually bites you in the ass. Remember, it is an amount per game, all you have to do, at 50% of the games of the year and break even, less the VAT. If you are behind and feel are reaching double or triple the amount and or the set of “catching up” of your bankroll on one success can be spectacular.

If the height of their game with the foregoing the season winning percentage of 50% to consider a benefit at the end of the season! There is no real reason to catch up and not worth the risk!