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Party Poker Sign up Bonus Code Tutorial

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I had a lot of e-mails from people who are looking for a party poker bonus code register. To save time, I wrote a simple guide on how to obtain and use a sign of Party Poker bonus code.

The first thing to do is visit the website ( and download the software. Quite simply, there is a large figure in the center of the site just click and follow the instructions.

Ok, now you have downloaded and installed the software. Next you have to do is create a new account is easy. This is also where you use the bonus code. There are 2 different codes. The first is “ONTHEFLOP” that will give you an extra 20% on your deposit. The second is “ONTHETURN” and give you and extra $ 25 on your first deposit. Note that they are in a word, without quotes. When you register, you will notice a little box where it says enter the bonus code. Choose what you want and enter the bonus code. Well, if you were to make a deposit, it will automatically add the additional amount to your account. There you have it easy right?

Want to be a winning player? Poker is a dynamic game that revolves around luck and skill. Both are important components of a winning player. Unfortunately, exercise is not a coincidence, but you can always improve your skills. To practice the only way to improve it. I think the practice of reading. What I would do is play different online poker sites and forums, and then apply some concepts. If I lose a particular hand, I will post hands on forums and comment or I can do a simple search on Google. That helps a lot. If read, play and be disciplined to continue, it may be a winning player. Good luck at the tables.

As I mentioned in the article, there are many other online poker rooms to play. Can all that price, you will find that our critics in our test section []