Are You Addicted To Gambling?


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Most people know the answer to this question. You do not have to think twice. You know the truth, but are you ready to ask? Given this dependence is to let all the demons stored inside you for so long. As each of the demons to leave, you begin to feel peace, prosperity and a sense of accomplishment. No more, plotting and looking for ways to find a way to feed your addiction.

Gamblers Anonymous came up with 20 questions. Only you can answer these questions honestly. You will find the questions a place to help people with a gambling addiction, or know someone who has addcition a game.

People have realized that they are addicted to gambling. Some people are willing to help, has some junk that others do not know what to do, where to go or whom to trust. A small percentage of these people seek help. They are the lucky ones. Others, however, still live in a fantasy world.

The fantastic world of the addict has the pain, loneliness and reality. With each passing day, they lose more money and try the next time you have to believe this great victory. Unfortunately, it never is.

An addict is a person whose life is dependent and limited by their desire to continue to follow the same behavior. We are people who behave as if the prosecutor will only get worse they are. The end result is jail, institutions, disease, poverty and death.

Only you can decide if you have an addiction.

There is no humiliation, the fact that you have a problem, face! It is important that you decided to do something.

A majority of the players have one or more of the following:

Difficulty sleeping

Do you have trouble concentrating

You can not put your head

Tell people not where you go

My game kept secret from his family

Do you feel good when you want to play

Do you feel bad if you wanted to play

Time to rest until it returns to play

There are many other ways to determine if you have a gambling problem, but I think you know!

There are many websites online How stop playing you or a parent can help with a gambling addiction, which have large resources, chat room and forum.