Computer Traumas


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It’s here! Video games have started to control my life on and off screen. No complicated games like Age of Empires, just the simple Tetris. You know the one, where different colors shapes and bricks falling from the sky and you need to settle into fine lines at the bottom? We hope the end result of all colors matching in straight lines so that it can be removed and point gained.

Really crazy for the first time a few years ago, when I had this stupid bet I could get more points than the guy next door. What this does it really means: “I’m up all night to play this game and is completely unable to stay awake in the office tomorrow, unless of course I’ve been playing the game as well as the office.” This is what computer games do for us. We become machines where food and sleep are all children of others. Just keep playing ……… …. to exhaustion.

I made it through this episode with only a slight increase in my weight and the damage it again if we make more than my two fingers for a prolonged period of time. The last episode has created so much chaos in my life in more ways than one, and I am always very worried about her.

I played this game at night for about three hours and was then at the beginning of a dreamless sleep and a normal bed. Everything is in order and in case you say? Well, I was sleeping, but when I got to work the next day, things started to happen so fast I was awakened by the danger you are in. It was not in my blue car lights on when everything suddenly veered into the lane Otherwise, the perfectly blue car pulled up behind the other to find. Behind me, sounded confused and irritated drivers with green and red up their car horns in anger, what this madman has done. But I? I was glad that I have to remove the colors and put everything I had, was another blue car and then we could have done a complete line ………….. .. Oh, no, what is happening to me? I was shaking for a while, when I realized I entered the game itself, which had supported ……… I was a brick!

Yes, that’s not all. I found myself one afternoon staring stupidly at the wall of the house and along the line of brick are trying to manage in my head, that was the best model and was not. And to my office, I realized that I have all the files and documents in an orderly pattern, organized by color and size, having said absolutely any format with the meaning, the output connected ignored, emergency, etc., to say at least very worrying!

I retired from Tetris and other games of this genre with the hope that it would end this off-screen episodes in real life. Hoping to return to a normal life, without off-screen battles. Other people suffer from this or is it just me?

The other game I played for a break from Tetris was “Prairie Dog”. One of those games that are annoying in a selection of firearms and dogs stay on the screen. Aim, launch, and as the next step. Bang, Bang, Bang, another dog that bites the dust. Yes, I know, pathetic really, but very entertaining. Turn up the volume is full, then I would be angry with each movement burned, reload and start again and the dogs are a thud that I know. But even then one day I realized that all was not well with me when I sit on my balcony and throws imaginary short listed cars on the street, it is used. Or on a busy street, I would say, “Bang, Bang” and pretend that worked for me through the crowd.

I played this game Age of Empires both. The love that game as it is to kill and thought, and with two fingers and the rapid movement, and had been very competent at what time. My computer often problems with the size of my army and confronted the enemy, to face me. I sat there for hours, maneuvering, going to attack, and increase the recall, launched the sun on the horizon. It’s like force myself away and go to bed two hours later rises again, to a large urn of coffee and re-attack with a vengeance. Although this game has not made me start charging for other cars on the road or in the lobby notes mediocre to others within the office, I get a good view of me.

What if I suddenly started doing this sort of thing in real life? If I do business with my neighbor, next to attack the offices or ping elastic bands started in the mail as a child? I stopped playing and now have become a serious and boring “Been there, done that and I was cured” type of person. I work long hours and empty, if I continue to urge, where I went, and the feeling I get very jealous when I see games where the game seen others, but I resist. I think it must be like smoking, which never lost the urge to turn around and take much - just! No, no, I can! Now I will sit there and preach to others about the dangers of playing, and that must stop before it’s too late. What about them? You just nod politely and then go away, talk, …………. “And to have her ex-player”, whisper, whisper, whisper.