The Secrets of the Big Numbers


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What about the secrets of the Big Six and Big Eight?

As you know, the Big Six and eight are still money in Paris. That is, if you earn $ 12 bet, you win $ 12. If you put $ 12 in six or eight regular and win $ 14 on 7:06 odds. The casino offers plenty of room for the big six and eight, so that beginners who are afraid to give the dealer place a wager are betting directly in large numbers in the corner. In most cases, these should be avoided Paris.

Want to know how to use the numbers Free Casino Money given great professionals?


There are two good uses for the big six and eight. The first is to “play” to comply with the coupons, so common in books of casino fun. Most Gamble House of these coupons indicate that it is in Paris for cooking only, and are generally used to happen or not happen in Paris, has no equivalent. If you Gamble TO Win have a match play coupon set at $ 5 with $ 5 on the pass line, you take a shot at the end of a 4 or 10 But if you put your $ 5 coupon for $ 5 at Big six or eight, which is the best bet you can get in the circumstances. If six or eight shots, you get $ 10 in real money. Not as good as the set of numbers, but can not match a coupon number.

Any other use of the Big Six or eight good way table limits. If you have a hot pace and step on your table instead of Paris 6 and 8 Grand Hotel Casino on the edge of the table, then the seller does not allow you to increase your Pariser Platz. However, they always do, you can buy more flat in Paris on large numbers, Paris is more of your site. So instead of a table limit of $ 1,000, now has a limit of $ 2,000 in six and eight. This is particularly useful in tournaments.

In a tournament, the winner is usually decided in the final moments crapshooters per game. It is not unusual to see somebody for $ 480 instead of 6 and 8, and six roller coasters, hoping six to eight years in the lists of the dice. If the team of six or eight will receive $ 480 for the large number bet, and $ 560 for installation - a total of $ 1,040 for a roll of the dice!

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