As Poker Goes Hollywood Hansen is Seen as Icon


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In December 2004, People Magazine, Gus Hansen was voted one of the 50 sexiest men alive. He was in good company with the likes of Jewish Law, Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman, Sacha Baron Cohen, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Jimmy Smits, Donald Trump, Blair Underwood, and Bruce Willis, to name a few.

What we still think of that recognition? Gus smiled, shrugged indifferently and said, “It’s great, but not a life changing event I’m still a little ol ‘me sometimes things that have happened accidental coincidences involved in the effort and skills in the mix … It’s all good. ”

Gus is easy, comfortable with himself, charming, a total flirt, philosophical about the life of love, and very light. It’s funny, smiles easily and has no facts.

In 1993, Gus left his hometown of Copenhagen, Denmark, in Santa Cruz, California, where he lived for several years. “I started playing poker in Santa Cruz. I saw a man who seemed to always win. I helped a little. Was a great player for the game that was, and he did great things unconventional. I told him to do when, why Why can not I?

“I always like trying new things and test the water. Perhaps this is ridiculous, but I do not like to exclude my gaming system. Each option is an option. Nothing is taboo. Sometimes I like to try something, and .. then exaggerate both in Santa Cruz when you exceed and show a fall in his hand, was known as “Gus” If someone wins a cowardly hand, he will go and say. ” I have a Gus ”

Learn to play poker

“I had the opportunity to poker the same way I learned backgammon, by experience. I have not done much reading. I’m reading a book when I started Hold’em for Beginners by David Sklansky. Played a lot on the Internet. Internet is a great place to play and learn. ”

“Overall, I think it’s better to learn by watching their own mistakes. A good way is to look to others. It is interesting to know the opinion of others. I think to be honest very difficult to properly analyze a situation and think their own mistakes. Sometimes it is difficult to make the right decision. Therefore, it is important to sit in silence and then come to the right answer. Then you know that the next time a similar situation arises. are analyzed especially with myself and sometimes with Howard Lederer. Go to the gym and work together in our body and mind. ”

Fame and fortune

Gustav Hansen, glory can be connected directly (WPT) World Poker Tour televised events. Assets, however, can be combined are based solely on his ability with his unpredictable play and mathematical skills.

It all started when Gus was 28. He entered the Five Diamond World Poker Classic in May 2002 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, with 146 candidates. It was the WPT event first. With a prize pool of $ 1,416,200 was an exciting event, with the winner earning over half a million dollars.

After the first day of play, Gus was in 10th place with $ 56 150th After the second and third day, whenever I was in fourth place with $ 158,000 and $ 313,700. He was the leader after the fourth day, with over $ 1 million.

Gus held his advance, and took the title, trophy and 556 $ 480 said he was lucky, and still say today to show happiness, although the statistics is that it is one of the best records of any person in the tournament.

“It’s luck”

“One thing I think is funny is that people attribute my success to luck. I have been very successful in tournaments over the past two years, but I’m the only one associated with good fortune to work with them. Perhaps some of the things that I do not, are not so bad. Everyone can see if someone in one hand and happiness, but not so obvious is that a good understanding of the structure of the game creates its own “luck.” In my next book I will analyze and display the hidden structure that I think some players are aware.

“I’m definitely more aggressive than most players, but I have a different philosophy about my game. My perspective is a little more than a mathematical point of view. Other players rely too much on their instincts and reading skills. Allow times that to overshadow the mathematical truth. Normally I leave the calculation is not your thing. Sometimes people are much in bed, and bet all your chips and suddenly no chips at all.

“On television, showing some of what I did was unconventional, it seems to play like a wild man forever. But part of my success is that people will always know, I cry. Suddenly, I have a get free ride, because people won “t bet, knowing that there is a good chance that a point I’m on a bluff, and the next moment the game math game; .. I think it’s very difficult for me to read my opponents ”

In six WPT tournaments, Gus won a whopping $ 1,830,876, and yet people keep saying it’s luck! In fact, there is a method to his apparent madness. It’s not just that easy!

Girls, Girls, Girls

Gus loves girls, and the Danish charm and piercing eyes, the girls seem to be fond of it too. Steve Lipscomb noted that while the WPT, I saw girls in the audience, flirting, and fell on him. It’s easy to be around - funny, articulate, and playful. I asked him how he articulates so surprising, because her mother is Danish it has become. He explained that when he was young, he has listened to Pink Floyd and knew all the words, though his pronunciation of words was natural and easy. It is philosophical, and easy to talk about it.

I asked Gus about his love life. He is 30 and single and free. “I am very individual. I love the game I love what I do and I love the fact that I do not answer to anyone. Seems selfish, but if I am to be between you and me in selecting me for my baby situation is concerned, now, to live this way gives me a lot of freedom - no girlfriend …., offline, and I’m not looking, I want to hang out and have fun I like my independence, I can not promise that follow. ”

Your best and worst

“I think my biggest weakness is probably that I’m very curious. I try to improve this aspect of my game, and it is probably true that curiosity killed the cat. Sometimes I am very stubborn. I get a little too curious and make some bad calls. “It reminded me of the joke in the poker player broke, but was never curious! Can “I think the strength of my game is my mathematical and analytical view of things, if I concentrate, I’m competing I mix, I am hard to read, in its strengths, Gus said … I do not really play my hand, but I play my opponent’s hand. If I know someone does not want to commit all his chips, I bet. Next time, I bet with the nuts, and players’ can t make a difference. ”

Why Gus is a winner

“I think I’m very good at adapting to the situation of many people have a way of playing. Not tend to what I am good enough to adjust for transportation from one situation to another parameter, but sometimes too much, if I can make a plan that worked, usually have a large influence on the outcome of the tournament .. if I try to say something and think I’m wrong everyone is talking about it, I think is right, the new things from people. have rules for testing.’s okay to do something, but not the other. in my game and each option is an option. I’m not saying that the style would work for other people, but I like it. ”

Ultimately, the statistics speak for themselves. In the past two years, Gustav Hansen has said almost $ 2 million in WPT events alone, not to win many victories. He is a winner young savage just begun demolishing opponents at the poker table.