Texas Holdem Tournament Strategy - Sit and Go Poker Tournaments


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Welcome to the fourth in my Texas Holdem Strategy Series, focusing on tournament No Limit Texas Hold’em and related strategies. This article examines the “Sit and Go” tournament - the format of the tournament’s most popular online today.

When I started playing in Sit and Go, I was thinking that as “Sit and Go”, because he sat down and played a bit, then it was time to go do something else, when it should and was therefore outside competition! These tournaments can be very difficult because in reality are called “final table” of a regular tournament.

The recent popularity of online games Sit & Go tournaments sometimes amazes me. On any given night, you can try to jump into a Sit & Go (SNG) table on Party Poker, for example, and simply are in competition, just log into a seat at the table is full, forcing to get another table (especially on the tables of lower entries). I have moments when you can see up to 10 attempts, a Sit and Go tournament table during prime time. Because there are literally thousands of players around the world who are hungry to enter these tournaments and hope to have money to win.

All major online poker rooms offer Sit and Go games format now, so you can find a place to play. These games can be very similar to the small parties “satellite” tournament to think about the biggest poker tournaments in the usual places of poker tournaments. You look a bit like playing a final table in a regular tournament, with one important exception - a place at this table have been won in the tournament table - they are playing to pay your registration fee. Therefore, varying the number of players and skill level that most likely is strong - one of the many challenges we will face in Sit and Go Do

There are generally two types of Sit & Go offer. A single table and multi table tournaments. Today there is a faster game, sometimes known as “Turbo” mode SNG tournaments. In these games, the pace of the competition is much faster (blinds go up every 5 minutes instead of 15 minutes), with the blinds increasing much faster and has less time to make decisions. This is a very difficult game format, but it moves much faster than over a standard sit and go.

You can also use 4-player heads-up (2 players) games, effective only takes you to the final table poker tournament, outnumbered the operation immediately, so you can play at the end of the game from there. I prefer this game, however, because there are fewer players to gain and therefore the available pool size is much smaller and is not useful.

There are generally two types of table and go, are much more profitable, because with more players (18-20) will begin the most attractive prize. Once you know how to play in this tournament and Sit and Go, and you can adjust your game accordingly, not the number of tables and players are not really much, because you will be able to run the game more quickly adapt to changing situations around you around.

Some of my favorite places to play Sit & Go tournaments at Party Poker, Poker Stars Prima Poker Poker Room and Captain Cook. There are many great poker rooms out there, attended by a wide range of players each. They are all very similar.

There are a number of different levels of registration fees to choose from, generally ranging from $ 5 to $ 5000. There is very little difference in lower limit games range from $ 5 to $ 30 If you get above the $ 30 threshold, improves the level of the players that meet dramatically. The poker room site generally takes a “rake”, a tax is 10% for the tournament, and the fund’s assets in the prize pool. In tournaments, single table SNG, the payment goes to the top 3 runners. In both games, the top 4 places paid in the rule.

In addition to tickets for the games you can play against very good players. Playing at this high level, you will find some of the best in everything, the most dangerous players. If you are looking for in this game of high stakes are interested in a way to win enough games in the lower portions so that you win, or you can use your small entry fee in the biggest games, so tradition in which to take the job of the satellite and the games is a good approach.

I can play in a number of Sit and Go tournaments and regular tournaments, both online and in casinos and poker rooms. The whole time I’ve finally learned how to win consistently at Sit and Go There are some important areas you need to concentrate and consolidate good “shape” of your game and finish in the money.

We need a balanced approach, however, to place the money sit and go tournaments regularly, including:

* Play the right position - you need to know how to use the sitting position in the tournament and go to their advantage, which tends to play in these positions and how to keep your chips from poor positions. At the start of the tournament, is probably more conservative with his play, showing only the best hands in the best positions.

* Adapt to changing conditions is the key to winning Sit and Go tournaments to change your style of play and approach the blinds and increases the number of players. (You can not come to take, it saves all the time) is done correctly, you will end up in the last three years the money in half the time. During the game you have to adapt or be eaten by the blinds.

* Winning the heads-up - possibly one of the most misunderstood, however, the most fun of all the tournaments played head to head against another good player. Learn, play, win the heads-up poker means the difference between the winner and second place - a big difference in pay for all tournaments goes to the winner, and recognition as a champion, you have to learn to play big Heads -Up Poker. In general, you have to play much more aggressively heads, other than

* See the aggressive player - see my article on aggressive play against players that make a difference in any case, Sit and Go game, as it explains how to benefit from aggressive and wild players, without all their chips in the process.

* Line says - there are many unique and different states that are used when you can play online. You know her? Did you know? If not, chances are, that will be used against you! For example, if players online and check boxes that many of their decisions in advance, and suddenly you are not using the check box (because they last longer) can say what they are with things with more than one We could say, to think. If you have the check boxes and use act now, chances are they are not a great hand, so do not even need to think about it (just click on the box, and is now waiting for the next the map).

* The successful bluffing and blind stealing - one of the most important movements of bluffing in poker is the enemy, and in a tournament, you need a lantern in a position to successfully survive the blinds and antes and to win heads-up. You can not bluff weak players, so do not try again. You must learn to determine the style or type of player, so you can see who is lying.

The next time you think about playing a poker tournament sit and go, give it a try. This is a fast tournament where you have the opportunity to experience first hand what is in this poker table Texas Hold’em tournament final to play. They will go through a sequence of fast play and changing conditions, preceded by a complete picture of the 10 players, quickly, only 5 to 6 So if you are a pretty good player, you are in the position of most dangerous of all - you are one of the four remaining players, so you only have one seat out of money. The main objective is to survive the heads-up when you get a chance to win the tournament, which gets most of the pot grown.

This allows you to practice for tournaments larger events playing Sit & Go tournaments and in this way, you will be very comfortable if you know what to do the final table in a large Texas Hold’em poker tournament, and you will have fun and to gain experience of great Texas Hold’em poker tournament on the road.