There’s More to Poker than Texas Holdem!



Texas Hold’em is taking over the world, but believe it or not, there are many other poker games you can play. Most of them fall into one of three categories:

Stud Games (for example 7 card stud) -

- Draw Games (for example 5 card draw)

- Games shared (for example Texas Holdem)

There are also some other obscure games that do not fit into these categories, some of the most popular high / low pig, poker and courage. In almost all types of hand rankings of poker are the same, with very few minor exceptions, which are more or less “cookie cutter” rules.

A brief description of several different poker games:

5 Card Draw Poker

Played 3-7 players. Any five cards, and there is a betting round, based on the hands. After that, players can now put Paris back up to three cards in exchange for new ones. (The only exception, if a player may exchange four cards if he shows the fifth will be an ace). Another set of Paris and the highest hand wins. Draw poker was once the standard for the game, but of course it was overtaken by Texas Holdem.

7 Card Stud Poker

Played for 3-10 players. The player is dealt two cards face down and one face up and there is a round of betting. Cards 4, 5 and six are dealt face with Paris at every turn. The final card is concealed and there is another round of betting before the showdown. 7 Card Stud Poker is still a very popular game and is probably the second time that the Texas Hold’em.

Caribbean Poker

This is a game of poker in a casino between the player and the dealer plays. Everyone gets five cards and the player must decide if the card is worth betting after the first card. If the player a better hand than the dealer, who becomes a dependent of fixed odds betting on the strength of your hand. The fixed odds range from similar to a pair or high card 100-1 for a royal flush.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow is a very complicated casino game between the dealer and up to seven players played. There is a wild card like an ace or a card is required to complete a flush or straight game. There are two variants in the ranks of the hand relative to the standard poker rankings, the highest hand is five aces and second A2345 AKQJT right. Player and the dealer are seven letters that are addressed in both hands and shared two of five. The five-card hand must be better than the two cards in hand. The dealer shows his cards and each player plays against the dealer’s hand of five cards of the player’s hand of five cards and the dealer deals two cards in hand, against the board for two players.

If the dealer wins both hands, he wins.

If the player wins both hands, he wins.

If each player wins a hand, a “tie”, which means no money changes hands.

If one hand wins the dealer is obliged, therefore:

Distributor / Tie - dealer wins.

Player / Ties - key.

Tie / Tie - the dealer wins.

Texas Holdem

By far the most popular poker game in the world today, probably because it is easy to learn but hard to master extremely difficult. Two cards are dealt to each player and three are dealt open on the table (the flop), a different face on the table (the turn), then a final card face up on the table, known as the river. Players can use their own (hole) cards and three in the table to make the best five-card hand. There is a round of betting before the flop, and then make the turn and river, and finally, after the river card is dealt.