Always Win in the Casino Like James Bond


Man Throwing Cards on the Table in Texas Hold’em

In the James Bond film “Diamonds Are Forever ‘we see James Bond’s confidence to approach the craps table, roll call or bet a select few, dice, and collect your winnings in the eyes of Lana Wood admirering. “Hey,” I said, ‘You handle those dice like a monkey handles coconuts.

It’s great that looks like the winner in a casino. Anyone who can still win. It works like this:

Set a budget game anyway, as you would from your hotel, food and entertainment budget. The money set aside for the casino has been in the sense that it is a hotel and food money. If you stay on budget or under your game you are a winner. Finally, in the casino to enjoy the games, do not try to earn money to pay the rent. Bond has no money in the game, he does his work.

If “play” with a budget that are like a winner, win or lose. If you try to change your financial situation, then you really gambling and may end up a loser.

How to entertain the date with an assortment of different games in casinos, each time in one. While pulling launched a $ 20 bill into the slot I’ll tell her again, make the house of everything you do. Now that’s cheap PR.

Also be sure to get an appointment at the table at least once. Women love rolling the dice. Paris and save the number and only if they have the dice for money, when to initiate others and increase the excitement and show your skills and if you roll the bones.

Learn to play the hard way because you do not have to place the minimum bet $ 5 on them. You can bet a dollar and then back to 7-1 or 9-1 as a 007 really experienced players looking for.

If you call the numbers on your “hard way”, to throw their chips into the center of the table, where half flat hard currency with a quick twist, so to stop it cold jump in the number near your place and the roller on the table.

After you’re done for the dealer to change the table of the chips and then a chip is five dollars on the table with a “thank you, gentlemen.” When Bond does. If your date sees you do this, you can repeat Lana Wood “Hey, you know what, you’re a good guy.” Line