Gambling Comps 101 or The Ask Game


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I do not know who did it or when it happened, but someone shortened the word of courtesy, and makes it an industry standard.

In the language of the compositions are casino money or gifts (gifts) that casinos give to their customers as a reward for playing with them. Promotes goodwill and encourages players to be loyal to creation. In order to obtain compositions casino, you have to play the game questions.

Most players think Internet Casinos Online that compositions only for customers who spend a lot of money in casinos, so do not ask for them.

This is wrong. There are many different compositions of casinos given, and that depends on the amount of money that you play Poker Space a sample, you can get.

Casino properties offer everything from free candles to promotions that offer free rooms and food.

A small sample, suggests that some casinos Best Casino Games free drinks. Most casinos will give you a beer or cocktail while playing. I’ve seen great players (players big money) require special drinks, like a rare Scotch casino do to hold and play.

Another draft, usually readily available and which is the rate of the Casino. The casinos that you play and stay on the property. They are willing to give a discount to the price of hotel room and if you play enough, you may find a room full model.

Get your first game should be evaluated: To qualify for comps you need to do two things. This means you can for the club player casino and use your card every time they play the machines. If you play games, you have to do the pit boss to evaluate your game, the second thing you do when a test should be applied is to ask. Nobody asks if you want a free meal or a hotel room, you have to do what you want. If the game will qualify for the competition that seeks to get it for you. If you do not say there is not enough game. Can then ask how the game shows that it is necessary to find. Most casino employees is folded back to keep the property and the game

In short: Most casinos give free food and beverage compositions at your request. Some give the hotel room to the right just after work and sometimes during peak hours, if you ask. If you play the great religions, could be the sky is the limit if you request it.

A friendly smile and a polite inquiry can land in the middle of a wonderful Black Jack Info    gifts. Do order the game, when you visit a casino.

Happy playing!