How to Win a Million Dollars Without Spending a Lot of Money


Gambling chips on purple background

I love Major Millions. And realistically, is not really a “strategy” for playing any slot machine. But there may be strategies to keep the bankroll for you and still give you the chance to win big games of the largest progressive jackpot game on the Internet. That’s what makes this site.

First you must understand that progressive jackpots, like lotteries, are longshots of epic proportions. You are not likely to win. Does that mean you should not play when? I do not know everything. I think to play a frugal approach to the Major Millions game is similar to the amount of people playing the lottery: a few at a time, but constantly. Most people know that I play to buy a lottery ticket every time. And if the pot is higher, they will buy more tickets. I think this is a good approach, and could easily apply to our favorite game.

So here’s my proposed strategy: I Major Millions on a consistent basis to play. That said, I play every day, twice a week, every week or every payday. No matter what the weather is all that matters is the consistency of the game, but I will not play the big meetings, because I’m not a big bankroll. But I’m going to play the maximum bet in each round, it is the only way to change the lives of winning the prize.

The next part of the strategy is the number of rounds to be carried to each session. And I will do what is the number of turns, depending on the size of the boats am, the idea is that it is better the higher the jackpot plus the payout percentages. (Although realistically, I will not see a higher percentage of payments made to a bigger boat, when he finally won the prize.)

So here’s the strategy. I bet $ 3 or $ 6 per session, since money not long ago. However, when the pot is more than a certain amount, additional turns me based on the following schedule:

$ 250.000 - $ 499.999 to 1 trundle bed $ 3 per session

$ 500,000 - $ 749,999 - 2 3 pulls per session

$ 750.000 - $ 999.999 - Session 3 3 $ by drawing

$ 1,000,000 + - 4 $ 3 per session is based

Personally I’m not going to bet more than $ 12 per session in a progressive, because as I said, I have a small bankroll. And probably going to play every day instead of weekly. If you have a bit of money you have to decide you can play every week, and it is certainly a real plan. And if you have more money than I have to do, you can play every day, but you can do more tricks that I’m ready to play at any level. But I think increasing the jackpot grows in Paris, a smart thing to do, like you from Paris in blackjack is a smart thing to do when the game is rich with 10

And as always, this strategy assumes that you have the money to have to play. Do not touch the rent money away to ensure such a thing, and having some fun in the process. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of money.