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Guns Don’t Kill People - Videogames Do!

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Prohibition of bad games, “violence in video games corrupting the youth of our nation”, “video games stole my husband”. It seems everyday that the media make statements about the evils of videogames. However, these statements are based on facts, or is simply not a juicy new scapegoat who may be suffering in the world has noticed?

Many people are unaware of the Daily Mail, the story of “harassment” now. The newspaper published under the title of the first page “to ban a game so bad,” said the obsession of 17-year-old Warren Leblanc with “Manhunt” ultra-violent game, rock star pushed her friend 14 years success Stefan Pakeerah, more than 50 times at once with a hammer and a knife. The tabloid then proceeded to say that “the hammer and knife to kill scenes in the game reflects ultra-violent.” The document also contains a quote was from the victim’s mother said that despite the fact that the game had a certificate of 18 years, “is not good to say, this game is marketed for adults. Everybody knows their young children hands on them. ”

But what was the real motive behind the murder, and follow-up story? It is easy to see that the pattern of the history of the Daily Mail recently. In the words of the panel of the IGDA (International Game Developers Association) “It was a Slow News Day”. And what better way to strengthen the blood, violence and a convenient scapegoat?

There are two other important facts about remember this terrible murder. First, what the police say? After the owner of the Daily Mail, you may think that they concluded that this was the game that Warren was on the way homicidal. However, the conclusion that the police was that the motive was robbery. It turns out that Warren Leblanc, in fact, £ 75 drugs fueled debt to a local gang when he saw his old friend in the park that night, and was originally intended to simply steal. The police report does not delete the mention of “Manhunt”. This is perhaps because the game was discovered in Stefan’s room, instead of the murderer. These two facts were missing from the first page of the email on the day this story ran.

And one must ask, how is that women Pakeerah the fact that his own son 14 years to the ultra-violent game that could not be obtained if an adult had bought for him, he lost membership.

“But the game is good?” I hear mourn. Simply, no. “Harassment” is one of those games that the main obstacles blocking the way that games are really for adults. Computer games are now reaching the point where adult themes, or more detailed, with stories to events in the real world can, and realistic reactions to them, if possible. However, some developers are paying only the games, which leads to supply testosterone adolescent fantasies of teenage sadists want. Considering that ‘Manhunt’ Tack in the light of games like Half-Life 2 “, with its captivating story in the most beautiful landscape interwoven impressive, you realize how unworthy ‘Manhunt’ really is.

The consensus at the IGDA meeting this year that the game was just “a game of trash was slapped with a layer of crunchy ultra-violence to the head.” Undoubtedly, the loss of a child as young as Stefan Pakeerah was a tragedy in its own right, but the real tragedy here is twofold. Almost overnight, the game whose turnover was a mere trickle before, flew on the shelves of some stores that were not prohibited, and gives the idea of ??censoring the game a certain rating. Worse, in the words of Rob Fahey of the IGDA, is to “close ranks” to defend the gaming industry to [] Manhunt, if a departure from most games - you can see the defense of the films Steven Spielberg’s hardcore “?

There are many well documented stories of the media blaming video games for the suffering of the world. They blame the terrorist attack on the twin towers of Microsoft, which trained pilots with flight simulator software. They blame the condemnation of the shootings at Columbine High School, because the game where you can openly flaunt weapons helped the children secretly planning his attack murderer. It is often claimed to be a direct connection between the incident and U.S. games sniper video, as the capabilities of target shooting with the sniper was developed from video games, and has nothing to do with gun as a whole, which received the U.S. Army. The simple truth is that it takes more than just games, to turn ordinary people into murderers.

According to the tabloids we should currently through hordes of violence obsessed gamers drooling flooded. Because this disease has not yet been developed, perhaps we should take what they say with a pinch of salt. If a player removes his (or her) own computer screen and can not find a gun at his feet, the suspension of disbelief is broken. It takes planning and training to commit acts like this. Saying that violent games that the murderers of the people, the same as saying that people are exposed, Islam become terrorists. No more violence in most games are not horror movies or books. In fact, wrote the appellate court of the United States “(the idea that) there is a strong likelihood that minors who are violent video games, is a harmful effect will suffer from mental health, there is simply no support in the record. “In other words, video games are not the cause of violence.

What really depends on the parents, and the vision of the world that communicate with their children. If parents do not take the time to persuade their children to explain good and evil, then, as the child knows what he or she? How many parents tell their children that the game is not real, that in real life may not be able to do everything in the game? Although violence is not sold educate, and unfortunately, in “the current era of increasing Playstation education is a phenomenon increasingly common for the time constraints of parents take advantage of them.

All games have a strict classification system in place, called ESBN. This system is designed to prevent the game from falling into the hands of minors, but many times when a child refuses, by the direction of the mother, even after the scoring system was explained, to play the game Order from anyway. Parents should be educated about what they buy, instead of buying all the games that children ask, maybe you need what they want their children to see to believe. Do you have a child 12 to 14 or even younger, watch hardcore porn or a film over 18 years? So maybe I should not play a game rated 18. The stereotype that games are just for children is somewhat dated, and perhaps it’s time parents started taking responsibility for what they bring their children to play.

In each group there are some people who do not fit the social norm. Is it true that this man of violent video games may be affected? Probably not. But this is the cause of their suffering? Books, movies, no male parties, all of this reality and fiction merge. What people have to accept is that taking responsibility for their own actions, and that perhaps the ills of society are the main problems as an animated character shooting a little character animation rooted.