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Playing Ace-King in Texas Holdem


Everyone who plays Texas Holdem knows that Ace-King is one of the best starting hands. But it is just that, a starting hand. Only two cards of a 7 card equation. In most situations, you want to go shooting with AK in their hole cards. (The only exception would be in front of a large increase from the first position, time.) If the flop comes, you have to think out and think before you just take your overcards are best.

Like many other situations in Texas Hold’em skills, your opponents will help your situation if you have AK and flop like 9-8-2. Since you bet preflop and was called as long as your opponent has good cards and the flop is so bad that you missed lost. Your support is usually correct, but it could be a pocket pair and be a leader in the hand, or worse pocket 9s, 8, or 2s. Also remember that many bad players do not know good cards when he met with them and could have called with an ax and Associate Attorney.

If your opponent checks, you can check and see a free card or bet and try to win the pot immediately. If you bet, you can upgrade to see if they are real or wrinkles. What we want to avoid, challenge your opponent bet to see what the turn. If another business card and an ace or a king, he will know more information than they had after the flop. Let’s say the turn brings a 4 and your opponent bets again, what do you do? To place a bet on the flop had to think about it, your hand is best to call, then you probably think it still is. It is called a bet on the turn and another river to discover that his opponent was 8.10 and the second pair was after the flop. At that time he is on you to win a raise after the flop the pot immediately. Instead, I called and lost three more in Paris, hoping for a miracle card or an ace did his capture. If you raised on the flop and he called, or re-raise would cost only 2 Paris to learn more about the strength of your opponent’s hand.

AK is a beautiful thing to see their hole cards. Just make sure you play wisely and can give you good luck at the poker table.

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