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Great Games You’ve Never Played


You know what you’re missing?

Some of the best games of all time are computer games that you probably never heard of. Created by individuals and small businesses in relative isolation. You do not have a budget of several million dollars, some even have a budget of one hundred dollars. You do not have their own marketing departments, analysts, sales teams, luxury offices, and advanced tools. They gather all the tools you can often discarded by the designers of ultra-rich game of big shiny game studios.


Despite these deplorable working conditions created around some of the most amazing games. How do these game gems are created, and workers who create the miracle they are. Are independent game developers. Sometimes called Indies shortly. Working out of their rooms, garages, basements and spare offices. You have a passion for what they are. They love games, love the act of creation, and permanently attached to his vision of what should be a game. Often, building games to play themselves. The fact that nobody else wants. This type of games that are not in the big box electronics store throws his shadow on the side of town to find it. These passionate Indies could be less than what the marketing guys are at the 26 th floor, set fire to say it’s probably the latest trends of the game, does not matter because their garages do not have 26 floors. They just know that love games, and how they like to play.

Where do they come from India?

Independent game developers come from all different areas. They are often former artists, programmers, designers, or some reputable companies software. Perhaps programmers to relax a bit in the dreams of little cabins corner one day be an independent. Tired of the corporate rat race and try to express themselves creatively they become Indies. Some were lucky enough to avoid complete corporate route and make a living doing what they love from the start. Regardless of their origin, they have to create all the passion and desire. To put your name on something really big. You want to be recognized for their skills and values. But more than that, they want to play their games and fun.

Why are Indie games so good?

Indie Games are good, mainly because they are fun. This is a game, after all, and if it is fun to pick, what’s the point. They are also very original, sometimes morbid current funny, sometimes just weird funny, sometimes scary sometimes, and sometimes just downright rude. But that’s okay. Games should be a starting point of daily life. They are fantastic you think of different ways. So many games are just ideas heated renowned done a thousand times before. Another consequence of the same old games last year. Indie games are adventurous and risky. Indies and the risk of taking the time to do something unique. So look around and try several to find one that suits your own interests to find strange and fantastic.