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Soccer Livebetting

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The Live in Paris is one of the most important sources of income for the bookmaker why?

Long before the game begins, there is always advertising on consumer devices coming to live matches.They often two strong teams face each other, and are more likely to spread throughout the world.why? This is because a lot of people to bet on sports, live as possible, especially those recreation punters only get real kick to your favorite team and view punters are like time to bet the 30K-50K for the match . There Jalan bet or live betting Paris and part-time work makes it even more interesting and varied for bettors bet.These live games are games where the bookies made a lot of money in the game and do not forget vigourish fixed.


How to know if the game is fixed?

A) During the game, watch the first 10 minutes, when the results of the team is playing very fixed.They is the date in the most unimaginable to highlight how, within 30 seconds to 3 minutes are typical symptoms .

Two.) Make that tends to the speed of the team that both teams lose players.The of team.Another slower than the other point to note is that the team is about to win, they will fight all efforts to achieve the ball and lose the set {note that this also refers to the team, the ball, but is not able to be given the AH} be lost even decide who are inches from the goal post. Sometimes the team is determined to lose, even for the next team that the goal is to own, or are too disorganized to defend itself shows no effort to block the attack score of the strikers.

Three.) Not all footballers are great actors pay close attention to body language, which seem to be a great distress, while missing clear shots, but their eyes are secretly laughing away some even had difficulty controlling their facial expressions, are sometimes unaware of the camera looks away quickly before diverting his eyes.

4). Coach odds decision, the most important player on the team with a replacement for less than the distance player.consider why would a coach remove that particular key striker, who scored the winning goal, and try to defend the advantage 1 to a goal early 50 or 60 minutes.

Five.) Preloaded refeering decision.legimate goals claimed as offside, or delete a shame as no common foul penalty unessary the team, they are not winning.

What do you know when its fixed?

A bet) is not very high when you see your livematches.Try before betting then the second half of this bet is that the bookies tricks reveals.

Two.), What it takes to master the art of odds decoding before you are able to bet big.

Three. Trust) is not at all what is seen in the first half of what is obvious is often a trap.

4) Do not question the assessment, are often placed to capture the average punter, so try to make your thinking as a bookmaker and you will see much more clearly.