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Counter Strike, The Beginner of Broad Band PC Gaming

Dice in palm, close up

Dice in palm, close up

It is the world of the 21st century the century of technologies. Everything is fast now and in computer games are concerned, they are at the forefront of all. Everyone these days, as games are played and some of them love him. Was not it a few years ago PC gaming was so far ahead and usually single-user base, and if I wanted to play with other players, then you have to have an additional input or another compatible game.

A new technology was started after the arrival of MMOs, or games that revolutionized the world of PC games.

The duration of the multiplayer game was that from now on, if someone wants to play a game with another person, you can easily connect to another computer through an Internet connection bandwidth.

As a rule, before the arrival of broadband, the games were played thorough Modem. It was in those days when games were not too heavy and only a few packets of data sent and received perfectly. But over the years, the scene changed a lot.

Passage of broadband:

Now a days multiplayer games send and receive data more quickly and therefore have a protocol for sending and receiving data items. Among them, the track is Counter Strike.

A few years ago when you could have the concept of broadband, really be able to get something faster than ISDN. But today, compared with the past, we have compared the much greater availability and broadband technology like DSL and cable modem as normal PSTN modem. Sun PC game has become much more forward and high quality games can be played on a very high speed. Counter Strike is the most popular multiplayer game with a broadband connection. The game:

Without doubt the most popular game in recent years changed and developed the half-life of the valve. It’s FPS (First Person Shooter) type game and is totally action. The game is divided into two teams of armed forces against terrorists and terrorist forces. The game is based on a few cards played by the various sites and destinations. After saving these letters to the killing terrorists and terrorist forces or escape, or of the hostages and bombings, etc. to meet shipment.

Weapons and miscellaneous equipment:

Weapons, armor and other equipment are very important elements of the game there are a variety of different devices such as hand grenades, night vision goggles and other pistols and rifles. The player to buy those things. In order to buy ammunition and other equipment, the player must be in an area and cars, the largest funds in your account.

There are many organizations large and small, simple and available in advance and machine guns CounterStrike, the most important features of the game Each weapon is different. All weapons and equipment making it look realistic play money management is one of the most important part of the game. Therefore, in the purchase of special equipment or a weapon to be used when necessary, the early game player without the intervention of the difficulty.

The game:

Since there are two teams, that is, against terrorists and the terrorists. The player has the option to join the team either. A server is often created by a machine player and each player has to connect to this server to play the game

The view of the terrorist acts to eliminate the terrorists as a whole or looking at the objectives of the card, while the terrorist forces to destroy completely the terrorists in the bar. Thus, the map of different challenges and different strategies for each team.

If a player dies, he is not able to play until the end of the cycle, until the end of the round, the player enters a spectator mode where they are free, walk around the map and check all the remaining shares.


It can be concluded in a manner that is always the privilege Counterstrike is the prefect boot the PC games of broadband will revolutionize the world of PC games.