Guns Don’t Kill People - Videogames Do!

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Prohibition of bad games, “violence in video games corrupting the youth of our nation”, “video games stole my husband”. It seems everyday that the media make statements about the evils of videogames. However, these statements are based on facts, or is simply not a juicy new scapegoat who may be suffering in the world has noticed?

Many people are unaware of the Daily Mail, the story of “harassment” now. The newspaper published under the title of the first page “to ban a game so bad,” said the obsession of 17-year-old Warren Leblanc with “Manhunt” ultra-violent game, rock star pushed her friend 14 years success Stefan Pakeerah, more than 50 times at once with a hammer and a knife. The tabloid then proceeded to say that “the hammer and knife to kill scenes in the game reflects ultra-violent.” The document also contains a quote was from the victim’s mother said that despite the fact that the game had a certificate of 18 years, “is not good to say, this game is marketed for adults. Everybody knows their young children hands on them. ”

But what was the real motive behind the murder, and follow-up story? It is easy to see that the pattern of the history of the Daily Mail recently. In the words of the panel of the IGDA (International Game Developers Association) “It was a Slow News Day”. And what better way to strengthen the blood, violence and a convenient scapegoat?

There are two other important facts about remember this terrible murder. First, what the police say? After the owner of the Daily Mail, you may think that they concluded that this was the game that Warren was on the way homicidal. However, the conclusion that the police was that the motive was robbery. It turns out that Warren Leblanc, in fact, £ 75 drugs fueled debt to a local gang when he saw his old friend in the park that night, and was originally intended to simply steal. The police report does not delete the mention of “Manhunt”. This is perhaps because the game was discovered in Stefan’s room, instead of the murderer. These two facts were missing from the first page of the email on the day this story ran.

And one must ask, how is that women Pakeerah the fact that his own son 14 years to the ultra-violent game that could not be obtained if an adult had bought for him, he lost membership.

“But the game is good?” I hear mourn. Simply, no. “Harassment” is one of those games that the main obstacles blocking the way that games are really for adults. Computer games are now reaching the point where adult themes, or more detailed, with stories to events in the real world can, and realistic reactions to them, if possible. However, some developers are paying only the games, which leads to supply testosterone adolescent fantasies of teenage sadists want. Considering that ‘Manhunt’ Tack in the light of games like Half-Life 2 “, with its captivating story in the most beautiful landscape interwoven impressive, you realize how unworthy ‘Manhunt’ really is.

The consensus at the IGDA meeting this year that the game was just “a game of trash was slapped with a layer of crunchy ultra-violence to the head.” Undoubtedly, the loss of a child as young as Stefan Pakeerah was a tragedy in its own right, but the real tragedy here is twofold. Almost overnight, the game whose turnover was a mere trickle before, flew on the shelves of some stores that were not prohibited, and gives the idea of ??censoring the game a certain rating. Worse, in the words of Rob Fahey of the IGDA, is to “close ranks” to defend the gaming industry to [] Manhunt, if a departure from most games - you can see the defense of the films Steven Spielberg’s hardcore “?

There are many well documented stories of the media blaming video games for the suffering of the world. They blame the terrorist attack on the twin towers of Microsoft, which trained pilots with flight simulator software. They blame the condemnation of the shootings at Columbine High School, because the game where you can openly flaunt weapons helped the children secretly planning his attack murderer. It is often claimed to be a direct connection between the incident and U.S. games sniper video, as the capabilities of target shooting with the sniper was developed from video games, and has nothing to do with gun as a whole, which received the U.S. Army. The simple truth is that it takes more than just games, to turn ordinary people into murderers.

According to the tabloids we should currently through hordes of violence obsessed gamers drooling flooded. Because this disease has not yet been developed, perhaps we should take what they say with a pinch of salt. If a player removes his (or her) own computer screen and can not find a gun at his feet, the suspension of disbelief is broken. It takes planning and training to commit acts like this. Saying that violent games that the murderers of the people, the same as saying that people are exposed, Islam become terrorists. No more violence in most games are not horror movies or books. In fact, wrote the appellate court of the United States “(the idea that) there is a strong likelihood that minors who are violent video games, is a harmful effect will suffer from mental health, there is simply no support in the record. “In other words, video games are not the cause of violence.

What really depends on the parents, and the vision of the world that communicate with their children. If parents do not take the time to persuade their children to explain good and evil, then, as the child knows what he or she? How many parents tell their children that the game is not real, that in real life may not be able to do everything in the game? Although violence is not sold educate, and unfortunately, in “the current era of increasing Playstation education is a phenomenon increasingly common for the time constraints of parents take advantage of them.

All games have a strict classification system in place, called ESBN. This system is designed to prevent the game from falling into the hands of minors, but many times when a child refuses, by the direction of the mother, even after the scoring system was explained, to play the game Order from anyway. Parents should be educated about what they buy, instead of buying all the games that children ask, maybe you need what they want their children to see to believe. Do you have a child 12 to 14 or even younger, watch hardcore porn or a film over 18 years? So maybe I should not play a game rated 18. The stereotype that games are just for children is somewhat dated, and perhaps it’s time parents started taking responsibility for what they bring their children to play.

In each group there are some people who do not fit the social norm. Is it true that this man of violent video games may be affected? Probably not. But this is the cause of their suffering? Books, movies, no male parties, all of this reality and fiction merge. What people have to accept is that taking responsibility for their own actions, and that perhaps the ills of society are the main problems as an animated character shooting a little character animation rooted.

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How To Choose A Reputable Online Casino

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With thousands of online casinos on the Internet, sometimes it can be very confusing for those who are safe and reputable, and casinos are not. So many of them are beautifully designed, look very professional and offer great bonuses received as the “honorable” in some online casinos, avoiding the “dubious” right?

To play in selecting an online casino, you should always consider the following points:

Licensed casino: Is the casino licensed? While many online casinos are licensed, a significant number of casinos are not. There are plenty of unlicensed casinos, illegal are nothing fraudulent money. We should always avoid these casinos at all costs.

Where is the casino licensed? While online casinos in Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Kahnawake, Netherlands Antilles, United Kingdom and the West Indies are recommended, licensed online casinos must be licensed in Eastern Europe approached with extreme caution.

Support 24/7: The casino offers 24/7 Phone, fax, live chat and email? Test the casino’s customer service department, giving them some questions about their games, bonuses, etc. and measure the time it takes to get a decent answer.

Recogition Professional: The online casino officially recognized by various gaming bodies and authorities? For example, the payout online casino independently assessed by auditors such as PricewaterhouseCoopers? If this information is publicly available?

Black List is the online casino is for some reason a black list? There are many casinos that have several gambling portals for one reason or another, a blacklist. Although not all blacklists are credible sources of information, you should avoid online casinos which appear in several blacklists.

Software: Casino software providers such as iGlobalMedia, Microgaming, Playtech, Random Logic, Real Time Gaming and Water Logic very popular and has an excellent reputation in the online gaming industry.

With so many online casinos coming and going, and with so many disadvantages and emerging Internet scams every day, you should be especially careful when registering with a credit card or transfer money in an online casino. The set of policies to protect fully the money is not one of the players, but still a good deal of common sense points, will play when choosing an online casino.

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The Origin of Roulette

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The term “Roulette” is derived from a French word meaning small wheel. The origin of Roulette is not very clear. While some sources state that Blaise Pascal in the 17th century French mathematician invented the roulette wheel, other sources say that the game originated in China and was brought to Europe by Dominican monks were trading with the Chinese.

In the late 18th century the Roulette wheel became very popular when Prince Charles (Prince of Monaco at the time the game turned Monaco as a means of alleviating the financial problems of the region.

However, it seems the modern version of roulette until 1842, when Francois and Louis Blanc invented the roulette game with a single “0″. The game was finally brought to America in the 1800s.

The single “0″ modification was eventually rejected in America and two zeros “00″ where returned to the wheel. The roulette wheel was popularized in America during the California gold rush.

There are two types of roulette games.

American Roulette: American roulette has 38 numbers including 0, 00 and 1 to 36 with two zeros (0, 00) gives the house an advantage of 5.26. In other words, for every $ 100 in Paris by a player, the house will make a profit of $ 5.26.

European Roulette: European Roulette has 37 numbers including 0 and 1 to 36 Do you have a zero (0) gives the house an advantage of 2.70%. In other words, for every $ 100 in Paris by a player, the house will make a profit of $ 2.70.

Other differences between the two roulette games: A big difference is the color chips Thurs While American casinos give players different colored chips that allow players to distinguish their chips and other paris players, the casinos of Europe will give players the tiles of the same color. So, unlike the players in American casinos, the players in European casinos to rely on memory to distinguish their cards from other players or Paris.

Another difference between the two games is the fact that to use in European casinos, croupiers a long stick, as the rake to sweep in all chips, known as the American casino dealers used their hands and arms to sweep Table chips.

The last major difference between the two types of roulette games is that if the ball choose zero (0) in a European casino, then the player the opportunity to use the en prison rule, which can be offered to provide half of Paris was outside or leave them for the next game.

After purchasing the chips from the dealer, the player gets to the desired position on the table in an attempt to predict where the ball will land after the wheel spun and the ball comes to rest.

Once the chips are placed on the table and made Paris, the dealer spins the roulette wheel, while rotating the ball in the opposite direction inside the Roulette wheel. Players are allowed to continue their placng Paris during rotation until the seller says: “No more bets”.

When the wheel slows down and the ball falls into one of the numbered slots, the dealer places a marker on the winning number on the roulette table. Players who bet on the winning number or color will be rewarded as players who bet on the losing side (s), they lose their chips for the casino.

Even today, roulette is one of the most popular casino games, classic, especially in Europe. This is because the European wheel has only one zero, and therefore offers an advantage of the home more attractive.

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The History Of Blackjack

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The origin of Blackjack is somewhat unclear. Some people believe that Blackjack originated in French casinos in 1700, when her as “vingt-et-un” (“20 and 1″) was known.

The game became known as Blackjack because if a player held a Jack of Spades and an Ace of Spades as the first two cards, the player is paid separately. So with a car jack and a spade is black life, the game was called Blackjack.

This game was played in the U.S. since the 1800s. But 1850-1910 was the legal gambling in the United States, Nevada, to play in an offense. In 1931 casino gambling legalized again in Nevada where Blackjack became one of the most important games for players.

The objective of blackjack is to get as close as possible to 21 without that over 21 (bust) to get. While numbered cards are worth their face value cards (Jack, Queen and King cards) are each worth 10 and the ace can be used as 1 or 11

The person (player or dealer) whose total value reaches the card as close as possible to 21 without exceeding 21 (bust) wins. A tie (push) results if the player and the dealer get equal values ??of the card.

The game is set in the following steps:

(1) The player places a bet.

(2) The dealer deals two cards (usually upward) for the player and one card for himself / herself.

(3) The dealer draws a second card for himself / herself and placed face down.

(4) The player is then asked if he / she wants another card (hit) or if he / she wants to stand.

(5) The player can hit as many blows as he / she wants until the total value of his / her card reaches 21 or he / she busts.

(6) If the player busts, the house (casino) will win.

(7) If the player is in a total value of cards that is as close as possible to 21 without going bust, the dealer will show the value of his / second card.

(8) If the value of the dealer’s second card gives him a Blackjack (21 in total), then the house (the casino) will win. The dealer must draw cards until the total value of its holding cards is 17 or more. If the dealer exceeds 21, then the player wins. The one closest to 21 points as possible without exceeding 21 (bust) is the winner.

Blackjack is so popular today as it was in 1800. It is by far the games played in a casino. This is mainly due to the fact that it is very easy to learn and play.

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The Slot Machine

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The first slot machine (called “Liberty Bell”) was created by a man called Charles Fay from his workshop in San Francisco in 1887. Slightly smaller than the current below average, Liberty Bell contained 3 reels and 20 symbols and operated in much the same way that slot machines today. Within a relatively short time Fay creation has been so popular and successful that he began to work overtime in his workshop, to meet demand for its slot machines. Building on their success, Fay rented the machines to gambling establishments at a rate of 50% commission and refused to sell the rights to manufacture and distribute their games on the manufacturers of machine games.

Created in 1907, Herbert Mills, a manufacturer of Chicago Operator Bell slot machine-like “Liberty Bell” in design. Produced and distributed at a rate faster than Fay “Liberty Bell”, “Operator Bell” slot machine was even more successful and in 1910, slot machines were common in the United States of America. Once the slot machines had reached a new peak in popularity and has become common in the United States, laws were introduced and a ban on slot machines. But then, a popular slots Throught America during the years 1920 and 1930. In late 1940, said Bugsy, a well-known gangster, the game machine to his Flamingo Hilton hotel in Las Vegas, where slot machines profit over time greater than the table games.

The purpose of the slot machine try to run a winning combination of symbols on the payline.

There are basically two types of slots.

Straight slots: slots prize will remain a right to a fixed amount of money, until he won, then resets and starts the same amount. For example, a jackpot can be set right and go up to $ 20,000 for winning, no matter how many coins are deposited in the slot machine at $ 20 000.

Progressive Slots: On the other hand, the amount of money earned, you can play progressive slots, as determined by the amount of money into the machine. Therefore, the progressive jackpot is growing steadily with each player until he won.

For slots or progressive lines, the player pays a coin or a series of coins in slot machines to play and select the number of coins per spin. The player can either press the “Spin” or pull the slot machine arm to spin the reels. After the reels stop, the player wins or loses in this round. If the player wins or loses, he can “charge” to continue their participation in the money machine to play.

Today, slot machines are among the most popular games in casinos, which represents over 30% of casino profits. This is due to a number of reasons.

(1) Slot machines are very easy to play and require no real test of skills or knowledge. A player simply deposits coins into the machine and press a button. After the reels stop, the device alerts the player if the winning combination is beaten or not.

(2) There is no pressure to play against or interact with other players, you can do in games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker.

(3) There is no risk that someone is attempting to mediate during the game or makes an honest mistake in a bid to deceive.

(4) No time for an order to take the next step. A slot machine may, at its own pace, without the player feels the need to hurry because someone in his / her time is waiting.

(5) The game is played with real money and not casino chips. This makes the game much more exciting in the sense that the player has the option has to play with real money.

(6) Payment is immediate, and can sometimes reach thousands of dollars, especially when playing progressive slots.

For these reasons, all of the slot machine is currently one of the most popular games found in casinos.

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Calculating Poker Odds - The Easy Way!

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To be successful in poker, you should be at any time during play of a hand, will be able to reduce the chances of catching the hand to calculate pot odds, you are.

Knowing the probability that a particular hand in poker can be done by calculating hand odds. Determine how many outs you have will give you the option of the amount of times you hit your hand to be calculated by the river.

Say you are for being A-9 in the heart of Texas Hold’em and the flop comes, you have two hearts. Beat the chances of another side of the heart by the river will be approximately 36% or 3 to 1. (She touches her hand 1 in 3 times)

You can do this in the first, the number of outlets to check. Outputs are the number of cards in the deck, the rest (visibe not yours) that can help you improve your hand.

So if we use the hand above as an example, and you have A-9 in the hearts and catch two hearts on the flop, you have 9 more hearts in the deck that can help fill in color. 2 hearts in your hand + 2 hearts on the table less than 13 hearts in total = 9 outs.

If the number of outs multiplied by four, we obtain an approximate percentage of hitting your hand by the river (9×4 = 36%).

Pot odds in poker is the relationship between the size of the pot compared with how much it costs to call a bet of another player. The higher the ratio between the size of the pot and the cost of calling a bet, the better your poker pot odds.

If there is $ 40 in the pot after the flop and a player bets $ 10 and two other players calls his bet, then you are always 7-1 in pot odds. If you continue to draw the color A-9 on the flop, you have found a 36% or 3-1 in the hand odds to catch your card at the river, so call or even raise the bet will be a right decision.

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Poker Can Be Played for Money from the Comfort of Your Living Room…Legally!

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Poker is one of the games each time favorite card game. But for most of us the opportunity to play poker legal, would have to Las Vegas, or travel to another location with legal poker tables. But now with the wonders and conveniences of the Internet and World Wide Web can play favorite games on the card without having to leave the room.

The poker game online, you can be yourself, poker face poker face or not. In fact, the lack of a good poker face one of the biggest deterrents to people play poker with the “pros” at live casinos to play. Therefore, it turns out that the game is all about skills, not reading and know what they say a person’s face. The only way that other players can win at poker is actually the game now, is totally against the skill skill!

Also, unlike playing secretly at someone’s house, or at an online poker is legal in most cases. It depends on where you live and how the game works. It is also very difficult to implement because there are a lot of gray areas when it comes to the Internet. So the chances of getting into trouble are extremely slim. Best online casinos are very legitimate, and that will do all that you want to play poker.

His main concern when playing poker online should be the safety of your money and identity. Make sure wherever you play poker online is a top model has implemented a security system to prevent others from how your personal information or access to funds. Of course, this should be a priority for all places where you can be online personal information and credit card.

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Online Casinos Give You The Gambling Without the Travel Costs

Flag of Heroy, Norway.

While most players enjoy a trip to Las Vegas, we have all the time or money to do this in the. However, this does not mean we can not get the same pleasure as those who jumped on the next flight. Online casinos also gives us a lot of games of chance and opportunity, the most beautiful casinos in Nevada.

Online casinos offer a choice of fun and excitement that comes with the game, unable to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. They Poker Blackjack, roulette, slot machines or other fun games, without the noise, distracting lights, and the trouble to come with other “live” casinos. Online casinos have it all: comfort, privacy and fun! What more could you ask for online entertainment, you ask?

Online casinos can also use the opportunity to play against only the casino, or with other people who are never seen. This is especially important for people who are not “serious” players who play more than many players as you know yourself and your expressions of memory, and you can use your own face against him.

If you play a virtual casino, however, the playing field somewhat stabilized, and we need more of their ability to draw the game, instead of little tricks. You can see exactly what your opponents are, and you are free to behave as you want. Get happy the big hands. Jump for joy. Yell at opponents when they frustrate you. You will never know! Virtual game you can play like you and be yourself as you do.

This is a particular online casino is available, with the added advantage of spending the money without more, or take time off to fly - Casino - or drive - all the way to the nearest - or not so close. You never have to go to an online casino feel exhausted. Moreover, no one can order drinks - unless your store is twisted.

Fly to online casinos and enjoy all the fun without all the mess!

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The Secret of Making Odds Only Bets

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Pssst …! Want to know a secret?

And the secret of making the only score in Paris?

As you probably know, is the best bet on the table, of course, the chances were not visible without betting. That is the challenge offered by the house with absolutely no commission or VAT, but usually have a pass / make ‘t Pass or Come / Don’ t Come bet gift to enjoy it.

The pass or come bet odds advantage is diluted by the unveiling, if the balance then do not benefit the players. You should focus on non-paris-pass instead of going back and forth or from Paris to concentrate. You will find that with these methods, the gain is much greater than the laity in Paris, and learn a lot of people to meet and have fun!

You want to use the secret that professionals know shit grades only to Paris?


Many casinos offer 5X odds (or more) are not in the table, but many people take the bankroll to take advantage of these higher grades. Are likely to see people not placed a bet of $ 5 and then go with the odds of $ 10, instead of the maximum dimensions that they are entitled.

Your task is thus to make friends with these people and convince them, you can increase your chances of adding your bet. It’s not as difficult as it seems, and if you make friends with a person at the table, you might run into a number does not exist or is zero Vig Paris.

These scores are added Paris best for your new friend out is to take the risk not consist 11:07 for you, therefore, not come from Paris. After the debut of winning each number is in your favor and if you, your new friend is his (or her) up!

However, keep in mind that the party does not, chances to win, do not allow the bet to be calculated. For a bet of $ 5 on a floor. Four to ten (5 times in a table), you can borrow up to $ 50 in the ratings, which pays $ 25 (at 1:2 odds)

With the same $ 5 bet on a table 10 times (four to ten), you can borrow up to $ 100 on the classification, which pays $ 50 (which is 10 x $ 5). If the point is 5 or 9, you can borrow up to $ 75 in the rankings, which costs money (2:3 against) to $ 50 (including 10 x $ 5).

Suppose your new friend does not have option for $ 5, which brings the past to move out and come in four. It takes 2x odds ($ 20) on it, then it is $ 10 (plus a flat bet) if the seven concerts before winning four. You can make $ 80 for your chance to win the bet (on a table, 10 times more) and easily earn $ 40, if the seven rolls add.

Do not miss works the same way. If your new friend Paris not $ 5 and a point is established (for example, this time 9), could put $ 15 in his apartment behind the odds bet. You can then send an additional $ 60 (on a table, 10 times more) and earn $ 40 from big red.

Paris is a chance that simple in this way is profitable, and friend of the construction as well! Try that next time you play!

Pssst …! Now you know the secret of the relationship only in Paris!

(C) 2005 by Larry Edell

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The Secret of Making Money Before the Come Out


Pssst …! Want to know a secret?

What would it be before the secret to making money?

Would not it be nice to have a relatively safe bet, so you can find more money to do consistently? When the dice of professionals make your Paris Pass, which usually put another that provides close to their reported earnings. However, this bet is made just before departure.

Want to know how professionals dice make a profit, even before the question?


This method consists of 5, 6, 8 and 9 with a pass line bet of $ 25, compared to September to protect you bet $ 25 on the pass line, put $ 5 each at five dollars and nine six of each in the six and eight. Be sure to make all Paris is “ON” to implement from. Let’s see what happens when each number hits -

4 or 10 - not win / loss

5 or 9 - win $ 7 (7.05 chance of $ 5)

6 or 8 - win $ 7 (7.06 chance of $ 6)

7 - you win $ 3 (+ $ 25 - instead of $ 22)

Win $ 11-25 ($ 25 + password)

2 or 12 - lose $ 25 (- $ 25 pass)

3 - loss of $ 25 (pass - $ 25)

So after 36 rolls theorists should occur:

4/10 - no gain / loss

09.05 - you earn $ 56 ($ 7 + x 8) (5, 9 rolls or four times each)

6/8 - gain of $ 70 (+ $ 7 x 10) (6 or 8 cylinder five times)

7 - to win $ 18 (+ $ 3 x 6) (the seven rolls six times)

To win $ 50 (+ $ 25 x 2) (twice the 11 rolls) - 11

12.02 - loss of $ 50 (- $ 25 x 2) (roll 2 and 12 each time)

3 - lose $ 50 (- $ 25 x 2) (twice the 3 functions)

This spell is a victory for 194 $ (56 + 70 + 18 + 50) and a loss of $ 100 (- 50 - 50), resulting in a net gain of $ 94!

But remember, you always have a line bet of $ 25, which can not be deleted. Therefore, this online system for regular players out of nowhere. This method is ideal for you as a punter that the pass line, a bit of money before.

So after he gets out, you end up with a pass line bet (which has already dealt with the numbers of the dice), and you can make your Parisian court to answer to anyone else. You can even the odds on the pass line bet, as usual.

If you are a lineman anyway, then you really should give this system a chance before you leave. You will be surprised how much to gain and how easy it is to play!

Pssst …! Now you know the secret to making money sooner!

(C) 2005 by Larry Edell

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The Secret of Multiple Odds Tables

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Pssst …! Want to know a secret?

And the secret of winning at multiple odds tables?

Many casinos now offer up to 100 times the dice players. Did you know that your chances of a lot of space on the 100X as well? For example, you can with 17x odds, or 3X odds if you wish. This can be very profitable if the Pass Line bet and get to Paris.

Want to know what professionals do to make given the multiple dimensions?


First you need to find an expert marksman with a table of 20x or more. Make a Pass Line bet and if the point is to take a chance on the unit and an input unit in the pits for the next two questions, and take a chance on any of the units. Then just wait for a decision.

If you win on all issues (with or come), the same bet on the next out, but this time are likely two units both in time and come from Paris. Another positive decision and bet three units, then four, then five units of units, etc. Note that increase your chances to Paris to be a unit when you win, while the flat part remains the same. If you win on the pass line only, but to lose two from Paris to Paris to maintain results, even for the same expert marksman.

If you lose a bet, get a unit in the single fee. If you are single and likely to lose then you are done with this bet. And if you’re three simple probabilities to Paris, he paused for a while or find another table. Or just go to the site and do not play this system over Paris and do not want is reached.

This is a terrible system, when it is a hot shooter. Your profits will multiply due to higher profits generated by increasing their only chance in Paris. This increase only in Paris in a hot table, so you have a better chance of a good ride. You will be able to win the first three installments of Paris 1X and won all three against 2X, etc.

Remember, you always increase your chances of winning, while Paris lost and only decreases at the same time. There should also be set win / loss limits and respect them. ” You do not want to give all his winnings in the casino!

Give this a try the next time you play at a table, the number of dimensions.

Pssst … Now you know the secret of winning at multiple odds tables!

(C) 2005 by Larry Edell

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The Secret of Betting Don’t

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Pssst …! Want to know a secret?

How about the secret side of Paris not?

Besides being an unpopular bet, no bet is that they are dangerous. The point is established before the casino has the clear advantage. You win your bet if a 2 or 3 cylinders, but you lose your bet if a 7 or 11 rolls - the opposite of Pass Line. (Click the top 12 are not a “push” is). The combination 2/3 roll 3 times (36 rolls of samples), while the combination 7/11 rolls 8 times. So do not happen to your bet on the table was favored to lose by a margin of 8-3.

Want to make things worse, if the point is established, no, three come from Paris. 3.8 This advantage of the casino that are not received, not only for the first bet, but the other three are not good in Paris.

However, once you get past the unveiling, have the advantage in any number - no matter if you are in favor or not. So do not come to spend their three most important, can be very profitable if it was just a way to protect your initial Paris.

Want to know the secrets that professionals use to protect your dice Paris does not?


The best way to get your bet is not to protect, add temporary opportunities do not pass on your bet. If you do not pass is $ 10, you must save it with a score of $ 10 for a single role, if not come to make a bet of $ 10. If the seven hits, you lose your bet will not win, but not insisting on (plus tax), so you win. Reaching the first to be established, may nevertheless not spend, who it was that the first does not remove the protection bet, a loss in a period of seven possible.

You are now free. They do not come without a second loss of money can be placed. If the seven rolls now, it will be his first victory, losing the second, and they will not win. You can if you get a different number of points, not the third bet.

If you do not like the odds are not adding your bet, simply reduce your second bet is not to protect the first. For example, if the first is $ 10, Make your second only $ 5. So if the seven rolls are always $ 5.

To cover a bet, simply does not pass bet itself, you can try a $ 2 bet on the hardway number if item 4, 6, 8 or 10 point achieved if 4 or 10, you lose your $ 10 does not happen, but win $ 14 ($ 2 7:1). Achieved if the point is 6 or 8, you lose the $ 10 does not happen, but win $ 18 ($ 2 at 9:1).

So if you play on the page are not, use the pass rate not only as a cover for your first bet does not come. Why not opt ??for this solution, the next time you play “on the dark side.”

Pssst …! Now you know the secrets of protecting your not Paris!

(C) 2005 by Larry Edell

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The Secret of Protecting Your Pass Line Bet

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Pssst …! Want to know a secret?

What about the secrets of protecting your pass line bet?

Many dealers will encourage you to protect more coverage of Paris on the number of dice (2, 3 and 12) to your pass line bet. You always hear “any craps” Paris called every time a new shooter coming out.

Do you want to use to learn the secrets that professionals given to Paris to protect your online passwords?


Any Craps bet is the most common coverage and pays 7-1. This means that if you have a bet going on ten dollars for Internet, $ 1 bet on the dice, you win $ 9 ($ 10 - $ 1) if the rollers 7 (or 11), and losing just $ 3 (the pass line $ 10 - $ 7 dice game) instead of $ 10 if the rollers 2, 3 or 12.

Fair enough, but look at the numbers. At the end of the 36 papers, invest that $ 36 ($ 36 x 1) Paris speculative at this. What is 2, 3 or 12 theoretically four times (once for 2 and 12, and twice 3) in 36 rolls. So if you win four times in Paris this game of dice, you win $ 28 ($ 4 x 7), and spent $ 36 ($ 36 x 1) gives $ 8 ($ 36 - $ 28) loss.

You can also bet $ 2 ($ 1 each) Craps and Eleven (C & D). Craps (2, 3 or 12) pay 7-1, while the eleven accused 15-1 If the eleven rolls you win $ 24 ($ 10 + $ 15 pass line once - $ 1 craps). Seven saves you $ 8 ($ 10 pass line - $ 2 C and E). If 2, 3 or 12 years to go, lost $ 4 (+ $ 7 - $ 1 craps pass line eleven $ 10) instead of $ 10.

This time, however, in 36 decisions, which invested U.S. $ 72 ($ 2 x 36) to speculation in Paris. What is 2 and 12 have been shot once each, and three times eleven. Would you do to 7 $ 2 ($ 1 x 7) to 14 $ 3 ($ 2 x 7), $ 7 for 12 ($ 1 x 7), and $ 30 at a time. ($ 2 x 15) This amounts to $ 58 ($ 7 + $ 14 + $ 7 + $ 30), but have already invested 72 million, if you have a $ 14 ($ 72 - $ 58) are lost! Another winner of the house!

Finally, you can bet given a 3-way (on days 2, 3 and 12) for $ 3 to make. This differs from the development given the errors, because the odds are higher - 30 to 1 for 2 and 12, and 15 to 1 for all three. Therefore, if the roll of 2 or 12, you win $ 18 ($ 30 - $ 10 - $ 2) instead of losing $ 10, and when all three reels, you win $ 3 ($ 15 - $ 10 - $ 2) instead of losing $ 10. This commitment also means that the. 7 and 11 (from your Pass Line bet) and 2, 3, and 12 to win (the series 3-way craps) in 36 pitches, but this time you have $ 108 ($ 3 x 36) is reversed. The roll is 2 to 12 once, and 3 twice. 30 to 1, 2 and 12 to pay $ 30 each for a total of $ 60. At 15-1, the three paid $ 30 ($ 2 x 15). You have $ 90 ($ 30 + $ 60), but $ 108 went from a loss of $ 18!

Unfortunately, as you can see, we can not protect a profitable bet craps $ 10 online through this cover with Paris. Some authors have argued that the craps hedge bet profitable, with a pass line bet of $ 25 or more, with a $ 4 bet on the dice. Look at the math. If you bet $ 4 dice and win $ 112, which is $ 4 (BET) x 4 (times 2, 3 or 12 rolls) x 7 (gain). You lose $ 144 ($ 4 x 36), resulting in a loss of $ 32. Therefore, it is not always a good bet. In fact, this is worse than bet the pass line with $ 10 to $ 1 any craps bet!

Now, on the pass line bet is $ 25 to find even with a ceiling of C & E for $ 4. If the eleven rolls you win $ 83 ($ 25 + $ 60 pass line 2 all $ 11). Seven saves you $ 21 ($ 25 pass line - $ 4 C and D). When the roll is 2 or 3, you win $ 1 ($ 28 - $ 25 - $ 2). In 36 pitches, which invested $ 144 ($ 4 x 36). They have two and 1201 at a time and rolled twice, three and eleven each. Would $ 14 in two ($ 2 x 7), 28 $ 3 ($ 2 x 14), $ 14 € 12 (2 x 7) and $ 60 in one ($ 2 x 30). This makes a total of $ 116th So lost $ 28 ($ 144 - $ 116).

Finally, let’s look at U.S. $ 6 3-Way Craps bet with a pass line bet of $ 25. If two or twelve cylinders win $ 31 ($ 60 - $ 25 - $ 4). If the three rolls you win $ 1 ($ 30 - $ 25 - $ 4). 36 rolls in this bet, which invested $ 216 ($ 6 x 36). 30 to 1, 2 and 12 pay $ 60 ($ 30 x 2) for a total of $ 120 ($ 60 + $ 60). Clock in 03.01 to pay the 3 $ 60 ($ 15 x 2 x 2). You have $ 180 ($ 120 + $ 60) did, but spent $ 216 that gives a loss of $ 36!

Craps is a game of mathematics, and as you can see, there is no way to pass line bet in craps can protect Paris with speculative - if your unit is $ 5, $ 10 or $ 25

So - the secret to protecting your Pass Line bet is to save all the money that is normally used for speculative Paris and the money for more “free” to make the odds of Paris!

Pssst …! Now you know the secrets of password protection in Paris online!

(C) 2005 by Larry Edell

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The Secret of Put Bets

Investing 1 2004 Linda Braucht (20th C. American) Computer graphics

Pssst …! Want to know a secret?

What was the secret of earning money to Paris?

If you play in a casino that offers 10 times more likely, and you make a pass line bet, would you rather go through a 4-point or point 6 to add to your chances? If you’ll be able to get your point numbers in a casino 10 times or more to choose from, then sales in Paris are for you.

Want to know the secrets professionals use to make money making dice with Paris?


A bet is a bet, which was completely ignored until recently, but thanks to the proliferation of casinos that offer 10 times more likely and the others, is increasingly common. A bet is a bet online key that was established after the point is determined. For example, if a Pass Line bet and the shooter has placed a six-year point, you can then make a bet on the pass line, with appropriate markings. However, this bet loses the advantage of a player is on the line before the point has been established, was also used in most dice games.

But today we see that the casinos offer odds 5x, 10x and 100x on the line Paris Pass. These extra dimensions compensate the player’s advantage before the come out roll for Paris Pass online, if the point is six or eight.

Some casinos do not know what a bet is placed, so ask your dealer nice if you can make a pass line bet with full odds after the point has been established. The more experienced traders can make a bet, even if you do not ask first. Set in Paris are more favorable in institutions, 100X or “unlimited” quotas, but you can try your favorite casino but only offers 10 times more likely. Do not forget to do that, if the point is six or eight years, and only if you can add the odds 10 times or more. This means that if you bet $ 5, flat, and take the odds of $ 50 you bet $ 60 (6-5 odds), plus $ 5 for flat gain, for a total of $ 65.

The great advantage of bringing the Paris Declaration is that you choose your own point numbers. The disadvantage is that you missed, sevens and elevens. But remember, it is not necessary to add, no luck, it is determined that the point, etc., and published in September Eleven, all you win your bet is a minimum amount that is usually only $ 5.

It is more profitable if you increase the likelihood of your chances taken in Paris, and has a better chance with six or eight points.

Pssst …! Now you know the secrets of the Paris-set!

(C) 2005 by Larry Edell

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The Secret of Come Betting

Mature man holding playing cards

Pssst …! Want to know a secret?

How is it that the secrets of Paris?

You probably know that add the most important advantages of being able to “free odds” bet is your home - and give the casino an advantage of any of these extra dimensions.

Want to know the secrets professionals use dice to increase your chances at the upcoming Paris?


If you bet, the dealer are very powerful, and can give you a break, do not give them to other players. You can get the dealer on your side when given a tip. Simply place in Paris for her on the map or go online, means hard, or just take a red chip “, guys!” In turn, ensure that your dealer in Paris and around the rules a little. They want to gain keep them down. And if you come online, operators can be of great help to you.

If you make a Come bet, you should always ask the dealer nice if you can add more likely you are entitled. You have nothing to lose by doing this, if your house is $ 5 or $ 50 If you are in a 2X odds casino, and you have $ 10 shipped in the box and the point is, five (or nine), you can add $ 20 odds. If the numerical results, win $ 30 for sizes (3-2), plus $ 10 for an apartment or a total of $ 40 However, if you ask the dealer if installments of $ 30 (instead of $ 20) and lets you add, which is $ 45 for the dimensions, plus earn $ 10 for the apartment - it’s a total of $ 55! So win $ 15 more! All for only a small favor to ask.

You can do the same, do not come on line. If you are in the same casino and receive a $ 10 bet and is not the point is four or ten years, you can take $ 40 to $ 20 in line to win, so that your total profit would be $ 30 ($ 10 + $ 20). Ask your friendly dealer if you $ 50 ($ 25 to win) can provide. So instead of $ 30 gives a sum of $ 35 to win now ($ 10 + $ 25). This additional $ 5 for very little work won!

Remember, all you need do is ask your dealer if you can make a safe bet for a certain amount. The worst that can happen is they will say no. This method is used by many experienced crapshooters to maximize benefits and minimize the house edge. Paris, which will increase your chances of getting the absolute maximum for the casino. In this way, remove the last drops of profit as possible from the casino - and all you have to do is ask the dealer friendly!

Pssst …! Now that you know are the secrets of Paris!

(C) 2005 by Larry Edell

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