The Secrets of Martingale Systems

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And the secret of the Martingale system?

Most people do not care for most Martingale systems. They are simple systems, and ask you to double your bet every time you lose. Thus, the theory that will recover over time is lost when you win. For example, if you play the pass line bet with $ 10 and the large red rear its ugly head, his next pass line bet is $ 20. If you lose again would be the next $ 40 and $ 80, then $ 160 and $ 320. If the table has a limit of $ 500 (Martingale do to discourage), you must stop and a loss of $ 320.

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Given the pros win with this method when playing in a casino without borders or table, try a Martingale system, two of which are described below.

The first is a system that happens. Oh yeah, thereby increasing the passage of a unit, and instead of folding in the loss, turn your bet by one unit. So if you win, you begin your decline in Paris until they are again at least one unit. For example, if you lose the first two of which pass in Paris, his third bet on the come out roll would be three units. If you win the next bet would be for two units. Then one unit. If you win again, stay in a unit, until it is lost.

A most interesting place in the field, starting again with a device and increase its Paris first, if you lose. What is interesting here is that it is very likely win by 2 or 12 pays at least twice.

The advantage of using this Martingale modified to be ahead of you, after all, instead of breaking even. If, for example, the device is $ 10 and you lose your first four of Paris, you have $ 100 ($ 10 + $ 20 + $ 30 + $ 40). Be your bet of $ 50 a fifth, and if you win, you’re down only $ 50. If you win the next four years in Paris ($ 10 + $ 20 + $ 30 40), you get $ 50 ahead of the competition! And if you are in the field and will meet at 2 or 12, you will later!

If you bet on the field, try to wait until September, sandwiches and makes a point before you start betting. Then make Paris for the next four wheels only, or if the point is made. Then wait another seven years and come from outside, and start playing where you left off.

Try these first systems according to a vacant lot. (Http :/ / a dice game for free.) Behold, how well it works! Then go to a casino with low table limits and trying to Paris units of $ 1. If you make $ 20, increase the unit for $ 5. If you make $ 50, you increase your bet of $ 10 and win real money!

Pssst …! Now you know the secrets of the Martingale system!

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