The Secret of Pushing the Pass Line

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What’s the secret to push the pass line?

Professional players may be better odds than casual players when playing craps. They just know how to do properly, and go to “push the house.”

Want to know the secrets that craps pros use to force the house of Paris online password?


A simple example of “pushing the house” occurs when the pass line bet, 6 or 8 is the point, and you’re at a table with a double contradiction. Technically, if you have $ 10 in the passing lane, you should be able to place up to $ 20 behind the ratings. If you win you get $ 10 for your flat bet and $ 24 will have the opportunity (in 6:5). However, most casinos allow you to put $ 25 in the rankings behind a $ 10 (in reality, so you may be at risk 2.5 times the 2X), resulting in a gain of $ 30 fees . So you will earn a total of $ 40 ($ 30 + $ 10) instead of $ 34 ($ 24 + $ 10).

If you are a player bets $ 5, you can always give it a try. If you have $ 5 on the pass line and six or eight is the point (in a double set of bets), you can put only $ 10 behind the line. But it costs nothing to ask the friendly dealer if you can put $ 15 back in your chances of six or eight. So if you have success,” will earn $ 5 per apartment and $ 18 for dimensions, a total of $ 23 instead of $ 17, you have won before.

Using the same technique, if you bet $ 5 Flat 5 or 9, the point is, you can usually put $ 10 behind the line. This time, just ask if you can make $ 20 in the ratings. You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying. If the results of 5 or 9, you win $ 5 for your flat bet and $ 30 for a chance for a grand total of $ 35 instead of $ 25

Finally, if the point is four or ten years and that has to make a line bet of $ 5, if you always have $ 20 (instead of $ 10) in the standings - that” will earn $ 5 for home bet and bet $ 40 for their potential - a total of $ 45 instead of $ 25 you can win with a fee of $ 10!

Remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying. Much depends on the dealer. You could tip things for him a few times, but many professionals “pushing the house”, which can drive - if you are 50 or $ 5 at the threshold of $!

Try that next time you play!

Pssst …! Now you know the secrets of the “Pushing The House” with its line of Paris password!

(C) 2005 by Larry Edell

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