How YOU can Regress the Six and Eight!


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What are the secrets of the regression of the six eight?

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And the secret of the regression of six and eight?

A regression is normally able to offer a profit after just one win at the tables. You will always have his first start in Paris and, when seven shots, then you are left with minimal (or not) in Paris on the table.

To use the secret that craps professionals know to maximize their regression in Paris?


One of the most popular regression starts betting $ 30 six and eight. You just put $ 30 each in both the six and eight, if you have $ 60 in the game, although the number of visits, you win $ 35 (at 7:06 odds). Then a regression both in Paris, at $ 18 each. Now you have $ 35 in earnings and $ 36 in the table, so that risks to win $ 1 $ 21.

While the number of visits and earn $ 21, a regression of the two numbers up to $ 12. He made $ 56 ($ 35 + $ 21) and the third strike is another $ 14 to win by a total of $ 70. After the third shot, must be covered up to $ 6 each, and if you win, you get a total of $ 77 in benefits for the four dead six and eight have.

An alternative to regression of two numbers is down the number that is affected. For example, if six hits $ 30, only six to go down $ 24 $ 30 and leave at eight. If the six shots back, going to $ 18 $ 30 for six to eight years. Once the four goals, does it all and wait for the next shooter.

If you are a smart red player, you can start using the six eight for $ 12 each. If you or hits to back it up to $ 6 and leave the other number to less than $ 12. When it meets again, just out of $ 6, while met by another number to wait. As with the previous system, there are four hits before the remaining Paris.

The point of all systems of regression is to get your place in Paris at the beginning of a more important role in identifying and protecting their little Paris at the end. Sometimes, the shooter will continue to roll, and regret your smaller bet. But most of the time it blocks their profits and leave your Paris at the table minimum (or completely) when seven out.

Pssst …! Now you know the secrets of the regression of the six eight!

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