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The book is written by Leroy Sports Book and is easily accessible. This is the best place to go if you make a bet and do not want to wait in line. It is also the best place to watch a game if you do not like crowds. The book is very clean and not too smoky, very important if you are a smoker. The Silver Club Sports Book is located on the top floor, which is also two cozy bars, several big screens, TV on the top floor, pool tables and slot machines.

The staff is very friendly and made us rewarded with a glass or two times in almost all applications have. The drinks are only $ 1 during the Games, so it is nice to drink as much as you want and not lose all their profits in the process.

This may not be much, but it is nice to not feel like a bum, if you place a bet to have to order a drink ticket. It is also good, people are waiting for you and treat you like you have to treat a customer. There are other places that make a big thing, to give drink to customers. Why? I have no idea if anything, should be distributed as water and hope your stay and return to the window with a little bit about yourself and make the mistake of choosing the winners of state influence of alcohol. I would add, that’s why you feed drinks while at the tables. This could be devastating for a player, so please be smart in your investments.

They are also just three minutes walk from the Nugget Casino Circus Circus, visit the website where the Club Cal Neva sports book.

The Silver Club Casino is a great place to play and to visit when in town. Residents take advantage of the easy access to a bet and you get on your way home. Residents also go for the Silver Club, as they relax in a clean environment and a drink while you want the games. Visitors and locals feel Silver Club.

Let’s review the table limits and the hotel at a later date.