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The Secrets of the Inside Numbers

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The secret of the numbers in

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What’s in it with the secret numbers?

The numbers were 5, 6, 8 and 9, the most popular figures in the presentation are. They are betting on this combination of 24 chance of winning and losing only six occasions (in September), making 1256 the benefits!

Want to know how to use the professional soldiers of the numbers in it?


If you bet $ 44 inside, you get $ 10 are at five and nine years, and $ 12 depending on the six and eight. You can bet when he hits a regression, then take them all down, if you get three shots. Whether one of these numbers are the point at which begins in Paris.

If the $ 10 includes five shots that will hold the 14th to earn $ $ 9 and the downgrade to $ 5. So if the $ 12 eight hits, you win $ 14. Keep $ 8 and $ 6 setbacks. If the eight hits again, you earn another $ 7, then take all of Paris to the bottom. Won only $ 35!

If you are a hot table, you can all leave Paris were formed after three injections. In the example above, you have $ 5 in the five-year, $ $ 10 new, 12 off. Six to eight of the $ 6 If nine goals down to $ 5 and if the six goals of reducing to $ 6. You now have $ 56 and $ 22 profit on the table that you require, no matter what.

A slight variation of this method is to bet $ 22 and get everything in place by two goals and then take the whole of Paris to the bottom. If the table is hot instead of Paris, you can use the six and eight at $ 12 by the press, when you get a third shot, though.

The next time you try to place in Paris this regression. It will minimize your losses when the seven shows, and give you a profit with very little risk!

Pssst …! Now you know the secret numbers in it!

© 2005 by Larry Edell

The Secrets of the Outside Numbers

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Pssst …! Want to know a secret?

What about the secrets of the external numbers?

If you bet, you can configure the dealer $ 40 and $ 10 in Paris, four, five, nine and ten. The five / nine pay $ 14 (at 07:05) and the four / ten pay $ 18 (at 09:05). Roll the combination of four numbers, 14 times (36) compared with six to seven times, so more of an advantage of 2:1.

If you put the numbers even out, 36 rolls of samples, you earn $ 220 ($ 6 x 8 x 18 + $ 14). In the worst case, you lose all the $ 40 (six and seven top) or $ 240 - resulting in a net loss of $ 20. It is unlikely, but again, you will not lose much money this way, in Paris.

Want to know the secrets that craps pros use the numbers out to decision makers in real benefits?


These numbers outside manufacturers can benefit you need to buy all of them instead of placement. Four to ten in many casinos $ 39 and pay only $ 1 each vig. It should also be able to buy as five and nine years for $ 38 with the same GST $ 1 for each subject.

Now you have $ 38 in five / nine and $ 39 in the four / ten. 36 rolls in theory, should win 14 times in these figures - three times in each of the four and ten, and four times each of the five and nine years.

Of the four and ten, you win $ 78 (at 2:1). Since the introduction of four to ten in three cases (six times), you will receive a total of $ 468 (6 x $ 78). Of the five and nine years, you earn $ 57 (at 3:2). Since the use of five to nine, four times (eight times), you will receive a total of $ 456 ($ 8 x 57). Dom total victory is possible (if you win all 14 of its Paris) $ 456 or $ 468 to $ 924th

In case seven, but six times and run when the four of Paris, when pulled all you need for a total of $ 154 to lose ($ 38 + $ 39 x 2 x 2). In this scenario, at worst, but you will not lose much. 154 million, six times (seven performances) is $ 924 for what could theoretically break even (after deducting the VIGS).

In practice, you can buy all four numbers and then take each one as they hit. If you are unsure if the shooter, you’ve taken down Paris after all, the biggest hit. If the shooter is a proven, take each challenge as it reaches the ground, and if he wins all four will be in Paris (for a total of $ 270), another shooter is qualified, or until the shooter rolls a seven ( hopefully next exit) before buying the four external numbers again!

The next time you play, do not forget to give some attention to external numbers! They are rarely used and can be very profitable!

Pssst …! Now you know the secrets of the external numbers!

The Crapshooter © 2005 by Larry Edell