Free spins

The world of online casinos can be very overwhelming, especially for those players who never played online before. We thought about writing this guide to make your life easier, thank us later!
Free Spins is one of those phrases that you will start hearing constantly the minute you become a member at an online casino. But what exactly are free spins? How do they work? Why do casinos give free spins? We are here to answer you all your questions.

What are free spins?

A free spin is one spin of a reel where you don’t have to pay to spin. If a casino rewards you with 5 free spins on a particular video slot this means that you are allowed to spin ten times without paying and anything that you win will go straight into your casino account. Sounds fantastic right? In other words you have the opportunity to spins the reels without paying for it yourself. If you have free spins on a certain games and you click spin nothing will be deducted from your balance.

As already mentioned free spins are normally associated with a particular game and give you the chance to test a new online or mobile game and win big risk free. It is important to mention that any winnings you receive from the free spins bonuses very often have wagering requirements.

What is a wagering requirement?

This means that the money has to be played for a number of times (decided by the casino) before you can claim and withdraw it. The bonus and wager varies between one casino and other, but it is usually somewhere between 20-40 times. Once you spin the specified amount, the bonus money is yours, including all the profits you managed to make during the game. Some of the best online casinos are so generous that they give the money as cash without any wagering requirement.

How do you know when you have free spins?

If you have been awarded some free spins you will be informed once you open that particular game. The notification will give you all the information you need such as the number of free spins and the value of each spins. In the majority of cases the number of free spins left can be found at the bottom of the game window.

Why would a casino give me free spins?

Free spins are considered the best way to test a new casino and try out a new game. The best online casinos give free spins for slot games which can lead to big winnings. The great news is that online casinos work extremely hard to keep all their players happy and frequently run free spins campaign. New free spins campaigns appear every day and we do our best to keep our readers with everything that is happening in the online casino world. For more information we invite you to head over to the campaigns page.
We simply love free spins. These are by far the best type of online casino bonuses. Free Spins allow players to enjoy the thrills of the game risk free. No wonder everybody love free spins!