Bonus- O- Metre at Thrills Casino

Bonus metre ThrillsWe have been writing about casinos for as long as we can remember but we never found something as interesting as the Bonus- 0 – Metre at Thrills Casino. Thrills launched the Bonus- 0- Metre as part of their casino redesign. We absolutely love this feature at Thrills casino also known as the flying casino. If you would like to know more about what this casino offers we suggest you visit our review.

The Bonus- O- Metre at Thrills Casino

The Bonus- O- Metre is the thrills seeker favourite widget because it keeps a record of the number of free spins rounds you have entered when playing the feature games mentioned on their site. And that is not all! This also guides you towards your next rewards.

  • Bonus mode: Shows how much time is left in the current Bonus- O- Metre to unlock all the hidden treasures.
  • Lightning mode: The bonus rounds will count double and you will progress twice as fast in the race to unlock treasures.
  • Booster: The extra treasures are added to the Bonus- O- Metre. Achieve a set number of bonus rounds within the give time period to unlock them.

Welcome Bonus and free spins at Thrills Casino

The welcome bonus package at Thrills is simply thrilling. Bonuses can be claimed when making a deposit simply by ticking ‘I want a bonus’ and selecting the desired bonus from the drop down menu. Grab your 100% bonus and get 20 wager free Super Spins to start your journey on a positive note. There is also a second deposit bonus. This is covered too by the welcome package. This time you get a 50% bonus up to €100.
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Published 13 November, 2016